How To Make Slime

If you want to learn how to make slime, read my book.

First, get out a bowl, a spoon, school glue, food coloring, activator, and a container. After you do that, put your bowl in front of you and pour the glue in. Then, pick a color of food coloring and put two to three drops in. Mix. Next, put three to four drops of activator in. Stir. When the slime starts to come off the edges of the bowl, take it out and knead it. Play with your slime. Lastly, put it in a container so it won’t dry out . You are done. Great job!

A Walk In the Woods

One morning on a freezing winter day me, my sister, and my dad were going down a hill and down into the woods behind my old house. Then we got to the very beginning and started walking. As we walked I felt the leaves crunching under the snow. We were half way to the little river when we ran into a group of swaying trees.

Finally we came to the little river. We got closer and got a really close look at the pleasant little river. I said’ ”I see a bunch of leaves floating on the surface.” It grew super quiet. I could hear the birds chirping.

Camp Lincoln

On Monday, September 30th my class went to Camp Lincoln. We went on a mile long nature walk. A counselor named Birch went with us. ¬†She said, ” We are going to make minty tea.” Then Birch asked us to draw the plants that we would be looking for in

order to help us find them. After we finished drawing, we walked onto a dirt path that was filled with trees in search of the ingredients for the hot tea. After we walked a little bit, Birch stopped us and said, “I found wintergreen to put into the boiling water in the water bottle.” When we had put some fresh wintergreen in Birch said,”We are going to keep walking”. When we started walking again I sniffed the fresh crisp air and I told my friend, Caroline that I was having so much fun. Caroline said, “Yay!” Birch stopped us again and said, “I found fresh Indian Cucumber and pine needles to put in the minty tea. After that we keept walking until Birch stoppted us again.And she said “we are going to a spot to drink are tea and write in are jrnels”.When we got there Brich said “write in your jrnels about the things around you.When we were done we drank are tea. I said “this is so good”.Then Birch said “it is time to walk back.And we did.