How To Make Slime

If you want to learn how to make slime, read my book.

First, get out a bowl, a spoon, school glue, food coloring, activator, and a container. After you do that, put your bowl in front of you and pour the glue in. Then, pick a color of food coloring and put two to three drops in. Mix. Next, put three to four drops of activator in. Stir. When the slime starts to come off the edges of the bowl, take it out and knead it. Play with your slime. Lastly, put it in a container so it won’t dry out . You are done. Great job!

A Walk In the Woods

One morning on a freezing winter day me, my sister, and my dad were going down a hill and down into the woods behind my old house. Then we got to the very beginning and started walking. As we walked I felt the leaves crunching under the snow. We were half way to the little river when we ran into a group of swaying trees.

Finally we came to the little river. We got closer and got a really close look at the pleasant little river. I said’ ”I see a bunch of leaves floating on the surface.” It grew super quiet. I could hear the birds chirping.